Information for Participation in Horse Racing Activities at Kincsem Park



A Kincsem Nemzeti Kft. külföldi futtatók részére az alábbi tájékoztatót jelentette meg, engedélyükkel tesszük közzé.  

Information for Participation in Horse Racing Activities in Kincsem Park – Trot

As of 21 April 2019 the regulations below apply to all horses arriving from foreign training to Hungary:

All financial matters (entries, forfeits, prize money, trainers’ percentage, riders’ percentage (except with riders possessing Hungarian licence), premiums, fines and other costs will be carried out via the racing account of the foreign owner. In order to achieve this all foreign owners must have a racing account in Kincsem Park. To get the racing account, owners need to fill in an official application form below:

Public companies:


in English:



Individuals also need to attach an A1 tax certificate.


in English:


Besides a live racing account and the information required above, one can only enter a horse in stakes and all races, if the owner has the necessary amount in their racing account (entry fee, forfeit, plus EUR 150/HUF 15.000 deposit). The amount should be on the account no later than the closing date of the entry, otherwise no entry is accepted. The form must be filled in carefully, completely, legibly and in good time.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the information they provide is accurate and complete.

Bank account number of Kincsem Nemzeti Kft.:


IBAN: HU06182033320601349640010019

Takarék Kereskedelmi Bank, 1082 Budapest, Üllői út 48.

Following the necessary deductions, Kincsem Nemzeti Kft. will transfer all prize money in 60 days, after an official request (letter or e-mail) from the owner to their requested bank account that is indicated in the application form.